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Publisher: Shepherd Press
ISBN: 9780972304689
Item #: 8059
Binding: Paperback
Chapters: 12
Page Count: 348
n world and have lost their way. The God who seems so distant to you in this moment is actually near and active. Lost in the Middle is written to give you eyes to see him, to see yourself more clearly, and to find the real hope that you need to carryon. Paperback 12 chapters. 348 pages." Lost in the Middle delves deeply into the treasure relationship within the heart. Consider Paul Tripp’s thoughts as he talks about personal interpretations. These two quotes illustrate the relevance of Lost in the Middle as you face this new territory known as midlife: "Midlife struggles very pointedly reveal the heart. The interpretations a person brings to the events and new awareness of midlife are not the result of objectively held abstract theology. No, the functional theology that shapes the way a person responds during this period is rooted in the values, treasures and cravings of the person’s heart. Midlife crisis in its most basic form is not an event crisis, an awareness crisis, or a crisis of aging. It is a crisis of the heart. Midlife exposes what a person has really been living for and where a person has tried to find meaning and purpose. " "This understanding of life’s events is really rooted in the way people interpret the things that they see. In fact, it is more powerful than that. Their interpretations actually determine what they see and how they see it. As sinners, the problem with our interpretations is that they tend to be narrow and selective. Remember, sin not only affects what we do; it also affects what we think and how we see. In ways that we often don’t notice, sin reduces all of us to fools. The way that seems right to us can lead to death, and the way that makes no sense to us is often the way of life and wisdom. That is why we all need the wise perspectives of God’s Word. Midlife crisis is powerfully theological. It all balances on the fundamental ways we make sense out of life. It is all about how our functional systems of belief shape the way we respond to whatever God puts on our plate." These thoughts are practical and helpful for all of God’s people, but particularly for those of who are in the middle.
Publication Date: 2004
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